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Whether you desire a Recreational, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, or Church building...or you are interested in the ever popular Barndominium, Custom Metal Home, Shop, ManCave, Lady Lounge, or other residential usage...Even when you request a Metal Roof, RV Cover, Awning, or other type of cover...

We know you want the builder who has the knowledge and expertise to create something for you that will uphold value, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.  That's what we deliver.

Please note, in the body of your message, any pertinent information you think may be useful to us while we gather information for your quote request, such as:

~Location Address and/or City (of prospected building or project location)

~Building/Project Request Type (Home, Shop, Warehouse, Church, Awning, Greenhouse, Metal Roofing, RV Cover, etc.)

If applicable...

~Building Size (Length, Width, & Height)

~Quantity, Size, & Placement of Roll-Up Doors, Walk Doors, and Windows


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*Bee Happy Building will provide a 5-yr Workmanshop Warranty with every project.